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The Refter

The Refter is a community where more than 80 people live and work together. The building looks like a monastery, but it used to be a boardingschool, run by nuns.

In the eighties it was developped by a group of people to transform it into a place that we administer and manage ourselves, in a democratic and environmentally friendly way. People live in groups or individual homes, everyone is expected to do his/her share in taking care of the building, its surroundings and the community, by means of working in taskgroups. It’s abit like living in a village within a village…!

Want to see it for yourself? Every first Sunday of the month at 16.00, there is a free tour. It’s in Dutch, but if you’re interested in an English tour, this can also be arranged. Call the office to book one: 024-323 52 59.